2021-01 Street Rehabilitation Project

Background Information

This project is proposed for construction in 2022 and will include reconstructing streets and spot curb replacement. Select streets will also include watermain replacement and possible gas main replacement. The project will also include possible storm water quality improvements.

A virtual presentation is available to be viewed on YouTube or the embeded video below. We have mailed this information to affected properties on September 17th, 2021. The official mailed notice (PDF)can be viewed.

Frequently asked questions about construction and the assessment process can be found here.

We have created a survey to gather information that will help us coordinate the project with you. You can download a copy (PDF) and send it back to us via email or regular mail, or you can fill it out online.

This information is vital to our planning, so please be sure to complete the survey. Please contact the Engineering Dept with questions at 763-572-3554.

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ST2021 Project Map