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  1. 4H Environmental Club
  3. Playful Polliwogs

4H Environmental Club

4-H at Springbrook!  Each month, join Theresa Brostrom for 4-H fun and learning at Springbrook Nature Center in Fridley.  Every session we will get out on the trails at Springbrook and explore! This month, we will be looking DOWN…at the soil.  Everyone likes to dig in the soil, right? You might not think much about the soil under your feet. It’s just dirt, right? Actually, soil is an essential foundation for all life on earth! Soil affects the food we eat, the nutrients our natural ecosystems need, the air we breathe, and the climate that makes our planet habitable.  Soil is essential to our survival and that of nearly every organism on Earth.  We will be examining different types of soil, and their components.  If you would like, bring some soil from your home and we can compare from all around Anoka County. Free, must pre-register through 4-H or a parent must remain with youth.

 Register Here for 4H Environmental Club: Soil Explorers 

Saturday, May 28  10 - 11:30 am  Great for Grades 3-9, but all are welcome